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When Hollywood does AI, it's fun but farfetched

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Category: Popular Topics Published: Sunday, 10 July 2016 Written by Admin

Go to the movies or turn on a TV, and youll quickly learn to fear artificial intelligence.

The power of rogue computers is one of Hollywoods most popular topics. Call it an existential fear of the unknown, or perhaps a sense of our own mortality. Whatever our future actually holds, were fascinated today by how we might share it with machines that become smarter, nimbler and -- gulp -- meaner than we are.

Even a techno-sophisticate like Elon Musk frets about us summoning the demon, and research companies like OpenAI have been founded with the goal of ensuring that AI doesnt turn around and bite us.

While researchers creating AI in Silicon Valley and collegiate computer science labs have their own theories about what this software will become, theyve seen the movies just like us, and they know whats on our minds.

They also think few Hollywood films have depicted the technology in a realistic way. In fact, they say, its downright madness.

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