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Git Merge 2016

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Category: Popular Topics Published: Wednesday, 06 July 2016 Written by Admin

The GitMerge 2016 conference was held in New York over two days in April - the first day was the Git core contributors conference, and the second was open to the general public, taking place on the stage of the off-broadway production of Avenue Q.

Day One: Core Contributors conference

The contributors conference was attended by five people from GitHub (including Peff, acting as MC), three each from Google and GitLab, with individual representation from Atlassian, AutoDesk, Bloomberg,, and Twitter (all contributors present were male, sadly). The day took an unconference format, with topics suggested on a whiteboard, and discussed with the most popular topics first.

Big Repos and their related performance problems were the first topic suggested, which immediately needed a bit of clarification, because there are at least four ways in which a repo can be 'big', and they all have their own problems:

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