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Fall River's Parent Academy isn't just for parents

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FALL RIVER #x2014; It is a given in education that children learn more when their parents get involved.
But it takes a village to make that happen. The effort began in late November in this village.
The Parent Academy held its open house at the Kuss Middle School. Parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents of school-age children were told about classes that will be offered this year. The classes are dedicated to helping adults help children succeed in school.
#x201c;If you are an aunt or a grandparent, if you care for a child in any way, sign up,#x201d; said Barbara Allard, who organized the effort.
There will be courses on helping get children into college, courses on how to help second-graders with their math homework, classes on cooking, exercise and finance.
#x201c;We have 50 partners in the community,#x201d; Allard said. #x201c;It is being run by community agencies, business, charter schools, parochial schools. Everyone has been involved.#x201d;
Some of the programs were straightforward. Kathy Sauson and Kelly D#x2019;Ambrosio, both math teachers at the Greene School, told parents about the new methods teachers use to help students crunch numbers.
They showed bead boards and math sheets that they use to help children in the first and second grades grasp the idea of addition and subtraction.
#x201c;When you are doing this, ask questions out loud,#x201d; Sauson said. #x201c;If I have three, how many more do I need to make five? With older kids, make it more difficult: If I have 17, how many more to make 25?#x201d;
There will also be cooking classes, exercise classes and classes that will help parents set budgets, save for a house and plan for college tuition.
Jackie Theis of the Bristol County Savings Bank outlined the financial programs on offer, including how to apply for a loan or repair bad credit.
#x201c;There is a laundry list of financial topics,#x201d; she said.
A brochure with class schedules has been distributed in the city#x2019;s schools. All of the classes are also on the website, Those interested can sign up there, too, Allard said.
Several courses will be offered in Spanish this coming winter and spring, with plans to offer additional courses in Portuguese by next fall. Those courses will be held in school buildings, the YMCA, libraries and other buildings throughout the city. They are free and there is no limit to how many one can take.
The courses will be taught by folks from local social agencies and organizations, and there is a good mix of groups involved, Allard said.
In other communities where parent academies had been established, it has taken as long as a year-and-a-half to get those academies off the ground. Allard said in Fall River it#x2019;s only taken about seven months.
#x201c;And honestly that#x2019;s because of the partnerships we have in the community #x2014; we were able to take this work and run with it so quickly,#x201d; Allard said.

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