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Let's bring back accountability

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Category: Money and Finances Published: Saturday, 09 July 2016 Written by Admin

What has happened to the sense of accountability that once was the backbone of our society?

It seems that term doesnt apply anymore, whether it is an individual, group, organization or business. No one is ever accountable for anything, in the sense things are always someone elses fault with no recognition of wrongdoing, a mistake, an accident, nothing.

Children at one time were taught to be responsible for their actions and to be prepared to accept the repercussions of such, no matter what they were. It was a matter of parenting, a matter of developing honest and productive members of our society who considered right and wrong before acting.


Is it because our society sees a perfection in children that doesnt truly exist? Is it because society has changed and the expectations of behavior have as well? Is it because our culture has become one in which attention is far more important than integrity?

When a country buys into affluenza and other ridiculous notions of mitigating excuses, what results is a country of entitlement where anyone is free to do as they wish. When their behavior becomes an issue, all thats needed is an excuse, a scapegoat or some event from their childhood to excuse it away.

News flash: That isnt OK.

Each time a child is allowed to behave as they wish with no repercussions, we reinforce the idea that they are above punishment and accountability. The behavior in question will eventually become societys problem, not the parents. Look at this countrys public figures and examine how their actions go unchecked.

Do parents make excuses for their children to exonerate themselves and their lack of parenting?

Some will find that question offensive and it should be. If it offends you then chances are you do just that, make excuses for your child instead of instilling the moral lessons they need to see them through to adulthood as responsible and ethical people.

The events surrounding the FBIs refusal to prosecute Hillary Clinton is a prime example of reinforcing to society that no one is accountable. She has been involved in one legal scandal after another and has yet to be indicted, much less prosecuted.

Celebrities get the same kind of treatment. They are allowed to skate because our society worships them, which only adds fuel to the fire.

As a society, we are creating a problem for generations to come. Certain people are given free reign, parents treat children like gods by granting every wish and refusing to teach right from wrong, proper behavior, an understanding of money and finances, and also blame everyone but the child for its behavior.

The result is a generation that doesnt believe it should pay for college. This generation requires safe places from words to protect their feelings, sees themselves as not responsible for their actions, and holds the inordinately odd view that no one should have less than others as long as they dont have to sacrifice to see it accomplished.

No, they have been taught their demands should always be met no matter how ludicrous they might be.

Its time we make a conscious decision to realize children are not perfect, that they require accountability to function as adults, and that we provide an example that creates respect by no longer making excuses for them or their parents.

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